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V3 Travel Aid

Say goodbye to travel jitters and start flying, boating & driving comfortably

Travel jitters can leave you feeling less than grounded. Travel Aid is a peppermint and ginger-scented patch that offers a calming, non-drowsy blend of herbs and vitamins to relieve the stress and nausea commonly associated with motion sickness and long journeys.

  •  Reduce the nausea associated with motion sickness.
  •  Calm your mind and limit the stressful feelings associated with travelling.
  •  Reduce gas, improve digestion and improve stomach health.

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Each patch contains:

Ginger root (8000mcg)

Chamomile (4000mcg)

Peppermint (3000mcg)

Aniseed (3000mcg)

B6 (2000mcg)

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